Battleship Clouds

by Enjoy: Cassette

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fast paced noise. not your average dad rock.


medicate me!
bump a detox cunt,
would you believe I'm a kush god, slut?
Easy: I tried to tell you
I'd lose my mind again,
I'll go blind again.
try to perceive me
but you're still all wrong,
you leave my brain in a process dump...
but the stages is empty,
your speech isn't healthy,
I'm done getting caught in a slump.
As-Salaam alaikum!

I kick ass in the early morning-
Take my evening nice and slow.
kiss my ass, man you got it coming.
I'm too pilled up for the phone.
Educate this!
When I was ready to learn, ain't say shit!
they love writing me off as brainless.
I didn't always have two faces, but I'm good.

lay your head, come sleep with me
and we can kill it all beneath you.
you won't care about a thing
when we are through...
I got you dreaming down the halls,
promise I wont keep you long.
comatose is where you're going,
you don't have the time to talk

I piss concentration raw;
it took me 22 millies to grind this hard.
when my eyes got heavy
and lies get steady and rot,
I'm riding out on the tweaks I copped.
see, you got jelly cause I got medicine.
bump my thoughts cause they stay irrelevant.
hope comes heavy you might just feel dissent;
I look dead in a pupa's eyes!

you better eat some ass cause you're kinda boring-
Stroke that ego till its gold.
leave your head maybe for a moment,
Cause your thoughts are getting old.
We emulate piss.
some of the things that we swear don't meant dick.
some of the things that we feel don't mean shit.
some of the things that I've done make me sick.
don't fall and don't burn out son.


released January 12, 2015
Written by Lawrence Brown and Jay Christian
Tracked and mixed with Paul Hundeby of City Pro Recordings
Mastered by Kris Crummett




Enjoy: Cassette Orlando, Florida

bunch of dudes being rude.

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